Monday, June 3, 2013

5 Things : My Monday Mood Uplifter! (Flowers)

One of the many reasons I try to join WordCount Blogathon every year, is to execute all blog ideas that were inspired by other bloggers, and ideas I personally have, which I think are fun and would help me blog consistently.

Lists with accompanying pretty pictures are always an easy way of documenting mini-stories, without too much strain on the brain! ;)

So for Monday, I thought I would begin a blog series - list of 5 Things! - , which I hope will outlive beyond the Summer blog challenge, and have it appear regulary on this page.

My list of 5 Things: My Monday Mood Uplifter {Flower Theme}

1. Looking through pictures on the memory card of our camera, and seeing Littlest with the boquet of flowers for Omi B.  It was our belated birthday gift for her (she celebrated her 88th last 29th of May).

Littlest at the parking lot of De Fuik

2.  The flower's name escape me at the moment but I love glancing the whole day at the gerberas (image is not of the actual gerberas I am talking about but the same kind!), which are at the window sill of our new house. 

We have orange gerberas, which mijn liefste P bought for middle daughter, and a light pink gerbera, which she got from a teacher.

Both were gifts for "Avondvierdaagse"

a boquet of flowers in the living room of our old home, at the background the eldest eating ice-cream
image from the blog: Sweet Saturday

3.  Assuring myself, that in Autumn, I will be able to plant our own tulips in our garden, that we can see bloom in Spring 2014! 

Tulips on the window sill of our old home
image from the blog: As Spring Slowly Bids Farewell

Not in our own garden - I wish! - but in Keukenhof
image from the blog: Revisiting Keukenhof

4. Thinking of dandelions because they are everywhere now. I know they are considered  weeds but I like looking at them.

image from the blog: Message of Love & Hope
5.  Planning of buying a boquet of roses tomorrow to replace the wilted ones we have now.

a collage from the blog: Sweet!

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