Monday, July 29, 2013

Snaps of a Simple Life: An Apple A Day!

Littlest is the goofiest in our family. 

27.04.13 - a family movie night on the  chilla couch!
 26.07.13 - TGIF!
Family ice cream night!
It is the first time we bought it  from the vendor, who drives with his van our village every Friday evening.
Littlest less than a year old.

She is a ball of energy. Fun energy. 
Littlest when she was 2 years old.

She is the (little) person to watch when we we start to take things too seriously. No matter how bad your mood is, she'll have her way of making you crack up with her infectious laughter or smile with her unique humour.

Littlest now 5 years old, at the closing day of her older sister's Avondvierdaagse

Not long after breakfast, as expected, Littlest had an appetite for a snack. This is why we have lots of fruits at home (apples, bananas, grapes are just some of her favourites) to satisfy her (and her sisters) in between meals craving.

The healthy corner of our kitchen. :)

She came to me in the middle of writing something I have been procrastinating on, and said, "Mom take a picture of me!" 

I had to laugh because of her silliness. She's been doing this the whole weekend but we can't help laugh every time she comes to us with her innocent twinkling eyes, and her "sweet smile".

After taking this snap, and eating the slices of her apples, she begun to horse around with her sister. 

K - middle daughter, is most often Littlest partner in crime in having fun!
Shower in the rain last Saturday.

I wanted to finish what I was writing because there were many chores waiting for me. Chores I would actually rather not do but I've put it off for so long (take the weeds off the front and back garden for example on the long to-do list for this Summer!).

A carefree Spring 2013 morning of the girls, taken  Saturday, 4th of May/11:03 from our living room window. 
They were on their way towards the front door after walking around our neighbourhood

As expected (yup, life with kids is equally predictable & unpredictable!), the horsing around ended up with cries of, "Mom! (insert name of the child here, who is being accused of the other child, who feels she is the victim) hurt me!"

"Dress up in day clothes! I'll give you something to do if you can't find something better to do" was my succint reply to the duo whining of, "No, she did it, not me!"

I thought why should I take the weeds off alone, when I can make them help me. 

27.04.13 - a much awaited day! 
The gardener finally arrived to put some order to our front garden. :)
Our front garden, still bare and full of possibilities (currently full of weeds as well)! 
Hopefully, I can show all of you soon what mijn liefste P, the family and I have done for improvements.

Busy children are happy children. Or at the very least not bickering children!

 I like to see them like this all the time!
The reality of daily life though, sibling bickering is part of it.
After the shower in the rain, a warm shower and warm meal together. :)

The Littlest came up to me again with her twinkling eyes, wearing as always a huge smile sans the apple slice, and said, "Mom, that rhymes: I'll give you something to do if you can't find something better to do!"

 hahahaha  (collective laughter of the family :D)

I relplied, "Well, Mommy is a poet don't you know, darling?" :P

An image from my blog: Being Beautifully 40
I thought I'll repost it here because of the quotes I once blogged there together with this image ~

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.
Dr. Seuss

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
Katharine Hepburn

Guess who is going to have fun taking the weeds off by herself (as expected!)? ;)


  1. She's a really cheerful and energetic girl and that goes both ways in good times and in mischief.

    1. Absolutely, Franc!

      You captured her personality in beautiful words. :)

  2. The discussions between the sisters reminds me of the discussions of my sister and me.
    At the time I found them very irritating, now I have to laugh about it.
    I have a big smile on my face after reading your story and looking at the pictures!

  3. Thanks for sharing and yes she is adorable little girl that can really make any day a good day.