Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back 2 School Pre-Preparations: School Bags

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from January, 2011
This is one of my favourite photo of the girls on our way home to school with the bike.
Very proud of how they adapted to the bike culture of Holland.

from 7th of February, 2011
We all struggled with learning to master the different bike routes and bike paths.
Now we bike naturally in and around our area with ease and pleasure!
from June, 2012

Picnic in nature is something everyone in the family enjoys!

Often when I get overwhelmed with something that is yet to happen in the distant future, I look back at the family photos we have collected in the past.

A productive exercise, I have experienced because quiet often, I get inspired to plan something ahead that will make the apprehension for the future subside.

Tomorrow it will be August! Time - as always! - flew by just like that.

I know, I know, I should enjoy the moment, and not worry about the future. But as a mom, I constantly worry. It is something I am working on.

We do have in fact three more delightful weeks to enjoy. 

Meanwhile, I can already plan some things, that will make going back to school a fun event the family and I could  look forward to rather than dread!
During an outing - our first visit to Kinderdijk
April 2013
Littlest at school celebrating the crowning of Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands
July 2013

WE are having a simple Summer - all together! :)

Well, this new school year, I vow to be at least one step ahead with planning.

I'll start with the girl's school bags!

Each of them receive a Summer pocket money from their Germany grandmother, and since they have all the toys, goodies, magazines, books, DVDs they need to last them more than one Summer, they decided that they will use the Summer pocket money to buy new school bags instead.

I fell in love with this lunch pack:
Little Life Turtle Animal Lunch Pack - Craigdon Moutain Sports
Little Life Turtle Animal Lunch Pack - Craigdon Moutain Sports

Very practical detail!
Little Life Turtle Animal Lunch Pack - Craigdon Moutain Sports
I am not sure if the older ones would love them as much as I do!  From my experience with packing their lunch it definitely will simplify and make preparations & packing their meals in it, fun!

Not quiet practical for putting all the books of the eldest but when I saw this bag, I thought it is something that she would like. Enough space for assorted little things she has for school.
Animal w Cyra Cross Body Bag - Craigdon Mountain Sports

Since she has performed quiet well at her first year of school, I thought I can surprise her with this bag. Well, better not let her visit my blog or it won't be a surprise!

For middle daughter, I was eyeing this:
Animal Sen Small X Body - Craigdon Mountain Sports
I have to admit this is becoming more of "belated gift shopping" for all of them doing well at school!

At least a start - I do indeed still have 3 (4 weeks for the eldest!)  more weeks to prepare!

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  1. I'm impressed by your preparations!
    What a beautiful and funny bags! The girls are lucky to have a mom like you!