Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Putting the Puzzle Pieces of Life Together

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I have always wanted to be a writer ever since I read the fairytales of Brother Grimms and Hans Christian Andersen, as a child of  8 or 9 years old.

Growing up, that dream got paired with yet another dream of living in Europe, where all those fairytales were inspired.

Now, I am living in Europe for 17 years, and for four years, almost consistently writing - for my own satisfaction, and as part of a self-help therapy.

Well, I thought it was only for my own satisfaction, and benefit until I realised, that as mundane as it may seem to me what I write, I did (and do) inspire people who happens to read what I have shared. 

While I was growing up, I planned and thought through, what will be the ideal situation for me to be able to focus on being a writer, and all the important factors , that I will consider to be evidence that I am a writer.

The ideal situation never came, and those factors remained non-existent.

What became of the dream? I still have it; though now, I simply live, and write about how I live.  The dream of writing a novel, or a children's book (illustrating it as well!) to name a couple of writer's goal, still remains but it has taken another meaning for me than it once had.

Before it was about the creating something to have a firm grasp of my identity.  Now, it is all about expressing, who I am, and who I have become.

What was your childhood dream?  Have you put together the puzzle pieces of that dream?

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