Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knotwilg - Getting to Know Something Familiar

In a previous post two days ago, entitled, Spring is in the Air! , I mentioned about learning a new Dutch word: knotwilg.  It is called pollard willow in English, which I also learned at the same time I looked up knotwilg.

Not only did I learn a new Dutch word but I finally found out what to call the trees that we have been seeing all around our region, but never took the time until yesterday to ask or find out. 

I promised myself,  after moving here in the Netherlands, I will take time to live consciously, not only pause to be fully aware of life, but write and share what I write about the life I am blessed with, as a sort of daily thanks.  Unlike when I was in Germany where I always thought, there will be time enough to do everything once this or that is settled.

Well, I guess this is how my various 365 projects is helping do - live, pause, write and give thanks.  Simple life. :)

In another previous post, from the 10th of  January, entitled, Biking Along an Ever-Changing Landscape... I shared images of our bike path on our way to school and back.

morning,10th of January

afternoon, 10th of January

Notice the trees at the background of these images?  They are pollard willows.

later afternoon, 25th of January
This image with the eldest  was taken 2 days ago, and you can see on this picture that the pollard willows have been cut.  And so this something familiar is now something I and my family are getting to know or shall I say, we are taking time to get to know better!

We can read together about pollarding, which I looked up tonight, over the weekend, perhaps when the weather is good on a Sunday bike ride.  It is much better to learn with others!

late afternoon, taken 25th of January
What would you like to take time to know better, maybe something familiar?

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