Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy Hands Are Happy Hands (1)

Today, I commit myself to another year long project.  I learned a new Dutch word from P in the process!  

Kruissteek: cross stitching.
I plan to send handmade gifts every month to different friends spread all over the globe.

It will be a great way to go back to doing something creative, and also to return to sending hand-written letters.  Unbelivable that I can get excited with something I consider decades ago as quiet ordinary.

Hopefully, I can find a fun way to involve my family with this project, as they mostly enjoy such projects themselves.

While looking for a cross stitching image in the web, to which I can tag friends to, I found a very interesting blog called Cats & Quilts.  I think I will be visiting it often in search of inspiration.

Bloggers Note (08.01.11):

Found inspiration literally, after visiting Cats & Quilts today, in Geninne's Art Blog.  I love serendipitious "new blog to follow" finds.

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