Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We had a beautiful weather today!

The sky was magnificently blue, the colors of the canals shimmered, and everything seemed to be brighter and happier with the sun shining on them.

please click image for bigger view...sorry for the rushed edit!

I've often said, that I almost never experience Winter blues but do get very nostalgic when the sun shines.  Today, on my way to picking up the girls from school with littlest, I took time to photograph myself with the tree that sheltered P and I when it raine last year in October, during our mini-bike tour.  The girls were having their Autumn school break in Germany at that time, and the littlest joined them.

I felt nostalgic because P and I did not get to spend quality time as we planned last Spring break due to a series of illness in the family.

Well, no need to despair! In two weeks we get to take the missed holiday! We are all looking forward to welcoming Spring together, and it is all the more special when Dada can spend it with us while takig a break from his demanding work.

It is the middle of the week, I hope you enjoyed it and as excited as I am to countdown towards the weekend!

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