Monday, March 14, 2011


image taken on the way home from picking the girls to school

The 14th of March! Can you believe it that the last month of the first quarter of the year is half way through?  6 more days to my 39th birthday.  More on that in subsequent posts this week.

I feel mentally strong today, stronger than I have ever felt for a long time; the last weeks has once again tested my stability and I am grateful that I withstood the self-doubts, the self-defeating thoughts, and the self-sabotage that I usually go through when in this sadly familiar cycle.

Writing is healing, the 365 project in it's many forms for me has kept me focused in my priorities, goals and visions.

Tonight, as the day nears it's end, I would like to record for posterity - once again - that the individual has the power to conquer any adversity in life.  We simply have to believe that the impossible is possible.
Love life; strive for a liberated life.  Abandon the fears, it's a prison cell, the key for which, you yourself possess. 
paper  ~

I hope this thought helps you not only this week, but most specially at difficult times.

Sharing quotes for positive affirmation:

Being vulnerable doesn't have to be threatening. Just have the courage to be sincere, open and honest. This opens the door to deeper communication all around. It creates self-empowerment and the kind of connections with others we all want in life. Speaking from the heart frees us from the secrets that burden us. These secrets are what make us sick or fearful. Speaking truth helps you get clarity on your real heart directives.
Sara Paddison
 Re-examine all that you have been told. Dismiss that which insults your soul.
Walt Whitman
 I think education is power. I think that being able to communicate with people is power. One of my main goals on the planet is to encourage people to empower themselves.
Oprah Winfrey

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