Saturday, March 26, 2011


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Crunchy comfort food!  Don't you just love it when your partner knows when words are needed, or when the right time to give you a hug ? But most specially, don't you feel ever so blessed  when he knows exactly  when words and hugs will simply not comfort fast enough, in the way KFC will?

P and the littlest went to IKEA again today to get the rest of our wooden flooring for the balcony.  On their way home P called to ask how how many chicken legs and strips he should bring back.

Back home everyone picnicked on the couch and it seems the misunderstandings of the day were not that huge anymore.  Child-rearing is a blessing; the challenging moments could sometimes seem to be in abundance, though.

Thank goodness for a supportive partner, the calming powers of an afternoon nap, and yeah the comfort on chewing on chicken legs because chewing on a question you would rather ask a child psychology is rather pointless.

Is it really the 26th of March?!?  Is it really the day we have to give up one hour of weekend sleep?!?  As much as I look forward to May school break (what I think about when the hours are adjusted), I want that one hour of more sleep!

In the end, I have to focus on all the good things from the weekend, and not on one incident of disharmony from today.  Tomorrow is another day to do things better, and tomorrow will be an hour earlier!

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