Sunday, December 2, 2012


Advent Calendar 2008/ I created this for the older girls in 2002, and it remained in Hamburg
Countdown: 22 days until Christmas.

Tonight, mijn liefste P helped the older girls prepare their a 'suprise' ; creating a "surprise"(pronounced soup-ree-se), is a Dutch tradition, that the girls were introduced to in the year they transferred from the introductory school (where they learned a year of Dutch) to their regular Catholic school.

creating the *surprises* for 2012
The first *surprise*, I created  for middle daughter K, when she was in Groep 4/2010 (for a long time she taught it came from Sinterklaas until her older sister revealed the secret!)
It was a lovely way to end the relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday.  After dinner, and before the girls and P started on the "surprises", we had tea, and cookies, from Germany, which Oma H, the girls German grandmother sent.

Did you get motivated to try out this Dutch tradition? What would you create to hide your "surprise"?

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