Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello, December 2012!

A collage of images from our Advent 2008

Countdown: 23 days until Christmas.

I love counting down special celebrations with my family; I love December - the cold outside, the cozy inside and the smell of magic in the air; I love traditions with it's beautiful, nurturing predictability!

Combined together makes the best and special way to end the year.

Welcome to our family's virtual Advent Calendar 2012
! I used images from our Advent 2008, the last advent we observed in our home in Hamburg, Germany before moving here in the Netherlands. 

The theme I chose for this year is: nostalgic & celebratory; I felt it fitting because this is the mood we are all in, in this Advent season.  This is the first time I am consciously setting a theme, which I hope will be a part of our tradition.

In the next 24 days, I'll be sharing images and anecdotes from Advent's past, and present and plans of Advent future.

Hope you will enjoy counting down the days towards Christmas together.

Do you count down the days to Christmas in a special way? 

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