Monday, December 3, 2012

Surprise 2!

Countdown: 21 days until Christmas.

This is the second part of the blog from yesterday: Surprise!

Here it is, what came out of the joint effort of the family to assist K with her "surprise"!

P helped paste an old wine box yesterday, as well as assist middle daughter with the pasting of the coloured paper for the walls of the horse stall.  Today after school, K worked on further with details.  Littlest kept her company while she cut the trimmings.  I suggested that she add a cut out horse on top of the stall and Littlest, who got a booklet full of horses pattern, generously gave the book to K, that she could choose what she could cut out, colour and place on the roof of the horse stall.  J, oldest daughter wrote the poem that K composed on a pink paper, and gave a pink ribbon from her own collection.

I'll be delivering it to school in the afternoon half an hour before I pick the girls up tomorrow.

The family, that does arts and crafts together, have awesome time together!

What do you as a family do together while counting down the days until Christmas?

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