Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo - November

Hello, November!  Hello fellow bloggers!

Admittedly, this is a backdated post (it's actually the 2nd of November 3:39 PM as I write this and not 1st of November 3:39 PM). 

An hour ago, I was reminded by a post of a favourite blogger that NaBloPoMo for November has begun. The event basically remains the same but has moved on a different site; it is now housed at NaBloPoMo at BlogHer, and managed by Melissa Ford.

There are so many reasons, I could use to skip partcipating, but like everyone else, who has fallen in love with blogging, the theme for November: “Blog­ging for Blogging’s Sake,” was simply a melodious call to simply blog, and be part of the month-long blogging madness. 

Before I started with today's post, I read the daily writing prompt: “What is your favourite part about writing?”. I could not come up with a quick answer, and so I continued writing...

It's been my intention after the late Summer to go back to Daily Mooosing...but like everyone else, I slide back to the old habit of waiting for the "perfect moment" (when chores are all done, when I totally feel positively about myself and the world at large) to do it, instead of creating this  perfect moment in my head.

I seem to often times achieve this by writing down for example: positive thoughts I would like to affirm daily, impressions of how the day went, as simple as they might be.  But again, like everyone else, the simple seems to be not good enough to share. 

When  life starts becoming hectic though, and there seems to be no time for those simple things that give you pleasure, it is exactly the "perfect moment" to do exactly that - do the simple things, bask on the simple pleasure, and share them!

Going back on today's (or November 1st's) writing prompt: “What is your favourite part about writing?” - this is my favourite part, when I feel that I come to answers through written reflection, and the best part is when all these reflection will resonate with other readers, may it be right after I published this post or weeks, months and years later.

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