Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Autumn Days & Walks (A Season of Transitions)

Another quick post for today!  It's been one of those days when I am almost tempted to skip a day. (this is backdated, since it is way past midnight and I am rushing that I can go to bed)

Littlest spent another sit-in at her new school today. Last week Tuesday (see image above), she met for the second time with her new teacher (first time was last month when we talked about the schedule of the sit-ins), and for the first time her new classmates (20+ little ones like her!). It went great!

Today went well, with a little challenge here and there which is understandable - more on this some other time, when there is more peace to write out Littlest experiences and adventures at school.

In the late afternoon, until early evening, I walked with Littlest - packed warmly in her jogger - the 10 km distance, that I would run on Sunday - again more on this, before the weekend!

Below is a collage of one of our Autumn walks in October, parts of which I walked/jogged past today.

There are several transitions the family and I are going through, and I am proud to say, that although we are stressed, we - each and everyone of us!!! - are trying are hardest to not let it affect us too long, and we either talk about how to lessen and diminish it, or we take concrete action to not let stress rule us completely.

Hope you are all taking time to make sure that you enjoy the Autumn season!  It goes by way too fast, I feel.

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