Sunday, March 2, 2014

How Spring Break Ended Sunday Evening...

We went to our local Chinese!

Tonight, I have to go to bed earlier. So I will let the pictures below tell the story of our celebratory dinner. :)

No pictures of how our evening came to an end because the battery of the camera went out. The recharger was at liefste P's office.

A brief summary:

At home we all together helped clear a very messy dining table (debris of a lazy Saturday evening, and lazy Sunday morning!).

I then hurriedly vacuumed (it won't be cozy otherwise believe me! It's how my crazy mind roll :D) the floor, boiled water for our goodnight tea, while middle daughter set the table, P fixed Littlest Chinese fan (yup, that's how it goes!) and oldest checked her class schedule for the next day online.

We all shared the take home dessert of baked banana, served with vanilla and chocolate ice-cream.  Drank tea, chatted (giggled because of the Littlest's antics!) and said our good nights.

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