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How Many Years to Travel to Neptune?

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“Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose, or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.”
Graham Greene, Ways Of Escape 
 originally written 20th of August,2013 on Facebook 12:26 am

This is for all those I knew/know from SC ♡ . . . (or for any sentimental, dreamer friend! ). {SC is the anonymous blogging site I discovered in September, 2006. It is where I regained my writing spirit after suffering from writer's block for a long period of time}

September is nearing, and I always start becoming very sentimental, remembering how I discovered blogging - soulful blogging, 7 years ago.

We seldom get the chance to talk now like we did then - not because we don't want to, and not because we are too busy; the medium (Facebook) simply does not have the SC magic. 
It has a different kind of magic we are also grateful for; it still keeps us connected until we all have a grand SC reunion in RL.

I am a dreamer & very sentimental ...and will always be. Even if we don't write each other (with regularity or intensity), or no longer share the same place we can share our thoughts in forms of blogs, you are all in my thoughts, in my heart when I write. 
A group of angels all gathered behind me (as you can count me being behind you!) sending me good thoughts. Thank you for letting me have you in my life.
Thank You
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When I experience something soulful - from watching the sunrise, when I wake up with P (or when we stay up until the sunrises!), to admiring the sunset with my family on the beach after a beautiful Summer day - I think of all of you, and send you thanks.
2011Taken during our morning bike ride to school

Winter 2010/2011
Taken during our morning bike ride to school
Summer 2013
At Wijk aan Zee during one of our Summer Evenings on the beach excursions.

Tonight, after dinner we were all collapsing with laughter during a simple card game by our dining table (it was cleared very quickly because magical small hands helped like happy elves ) - I did not have the camera with me, nor did I even have a fleeting thought to stop and take a picture of what we were doing so I can remember...this only occured to me now while writing these words...
Christmas Season 2011
It was okay. You know? You know. I may not make complete sense but it also okay.

There are many moments in my daily life now, when I catch myself completely soaked in the moment of what I am doing, and no longer feeling afraid, no apprehension, no more rushing thoughts, no over-worrying, no hyper-active plans. Most of all, I am able to let go easier...and easier...and easier. Sublime state.
August 2013
Relaxing after our picnic at 's Graveland Natuurmonument
Not to say, that I am now always in this state! P would be deliriously happy if I was! I would not be delirously happy. I would be quietly happy. hahaha <--- still the hyper me
August 2013
Front of our house.
After another attempt at a careful run...nope toe still giving me a hard time!

It's late but I had to write all these thoughts down. 
Today was like any other day but special. Special because I went through my day completely unburdened by the old me.

How long does one travel to Neptune? I googled that to see if it was 7 years. Since, it took me 7 years to feel at home in my own body. If this was a screenplay, and I am at the part of ending a film, it would be nice to say - VO Morgain Freeman - in conclusion, it will take 7 years to travel to Neptune, the same time she needed to travel home to herself.

But my life is not a film, and it's not yet the end!
Smile after stormy tears
August 2013
After accepting that I will not be able to run Berlin Marathon this year.


Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling. ~James E. Starrs

When I am not running, I am biking through the seasons.

@The Lightness of Being on the Bike

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