Friday, September 6, 2013

Paper In Europe: Celebrating 7 Years of Blogging

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The Paper In Europe Blogazine Dream
This September, I had planned to change My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands to Paper In Europe, move & put   the other blogs I have - The Lightness of  Being on the Bike & Happy Feet in the Netherlands - all together in one URL address, as part of my 7th year blogging celebration.
I was made aware though, that it will mean I am creating a new webiste by changing the URL address, and affect the Google Rankings of each of the 3 blogs.
This is something I was not prepared to compromise. I guess, I together with all of you have to wait until next year until the blogazine dream of Paper In Europe is fulfilled!*
EDIT* 13.09.13: babystep to fulfilling the Paper In Europe Blogazine

This is my way of celebrating and saying thanks to 7 unforgettable blogging years : 5 years of anonymous soulful & therapeutic writing + 2 years public blogging about a #SimpleLife.

Here is a quote, I feel breathes the essence of my 7 years blogging experience.
“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own
Thank you all for inspring & supporting me in my effort to fulfill my #SimpleDream: live a life of quality.

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