Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Inspire @ Happy Feet in the Netherlands

Yesss! Finally broke through the blog silence and posted a new blog @Happy Feet in the Netherlands,  at the same time paving the path to realise a plan of sharing inspiring stories of fellow runners.

Thanks to Darren aka @RunnersKnees a runner who authors the blogs at The Runners Knees, I was able to bring to life Friday's Inspire tonight! I used Inspire instead of Inspiration because Inspire is a verb and I felt very apt for "running" which is what Happy Feet in the Netherlands is mainly about - for now (more additions next year!).

Without much further ado, here is the first in the series of  Friday's Inspire : @RunnersKnees's 10 featuring, the one who sparked the idea to begin with it!

#RunnersKnees10  is about exchanging 10 running related questions, and publishing the answers at each other's blog pagesYou could find my answers @ The Runners Knees blog ~ RunnersKnees10: PaperInEurope  

Hope you have an inspiring and relaxing weekend!

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