Monday, October 29, 2012

As October Ends...NO(W)vember Positively Approaches

A Simple Life is a Beautiful Life ~ @PaperInEurope

Today, I edited my profile to simplify my "bio" for myself, and for those who would like to connect, at Twitter, one of the largest social network online.

Bio :
ℒive ℒife ℘assionately! ♋| ☮ | ☯ Blogs @ 2012: finisher @berlinmarathon & @marathonadam 2013 Marathons: Hamburg|Bavaria|Berlin
Europe ·

This is just one of the many seemingly "banal" things I would like to do this week.  Behind the banality though is my way of tricking my easily distracted mind!  I need to focus and discipline myself in the only way I know how.  My brain has a constant need for entertaining ways to be motivated to accomplish a lot of daily routine tasks.  Giving it something to look forward to - a goal to be achieved, a dream to be realised; planning and working on them is what keeps it going.

Tell me to run a marathon, and I'll do it without blinking an eye.

Doing daily house-work, well, I've closed my eyes often to them, and it has now gotten to a point that opening my eyes to them has become terrifying. Nope, not exaggerating because it's Halloween this week! Sadly, I am sharing the truth!

As the end of October approaches, I am taking on a personal challenge of being less online but maximizing the quality time, I do spend online.  Yes! This is only have to have a plan and the will to  stick to the plan.

The spirit of this coming November will BE NO(W)VEMBER. "No" does not always have to be negative - it can be positive to your well being. As you say, "No" you win more time for the "NOW".

Now  is beautiful, and in November, I plan to be more in the now with my family(in preparation for the Advent Season - the fifth season I love!).

To win more "now moments" I have to say more "nos" and do a lot of what I have been procrastinating on (tick-tock-tick!!!)...well "NOW!" :)

As I have successfully done in the past, I am using blogging to win this personal challenge.

Who is joining me in the ship that sails under the banner, "SIMPLIFY"!?!

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