Thursday, April 2, 2015

(Spiegel- en) Blijkpolderplas (MDMNL AtoZ Challenge 2015)

Have you read my brief introduction to this challenge?

If not, here is the link: Introducing HFNL A to Z Challenge 2015

My personal blogging theme for this year: the places I have been in the Netherlands.  

At Happy Feet in the Netherlands (HFNL), I'll be writing about the places (which is not only limited to city, towns or villages but may also include restaurants, stores - places we go for hikes, where we sailed etc.) from the perspective of a runner.  

The blogs here @ My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands on the other hand will be from a perspective of an expat, mom, traveler, writer, who seeks to simplify life.

Today, "we go to" : (Spiegel -en) Blijkpolderplas.

I'm sharing an image (the one at the very top), which was originally posted for the A to Z challenge  April 2011: Thoughts of Travel! (23rd of April) 

The two other images,  where you could see the silhouettes of my family, were taken on the same evening but was not shared here before.

I ran last Monday (30th of March) past this lake but I did not stop to take pictures.  I could have taken dramatic pictures of the water but I resisted because I was afraid I might stay there longer than I should (I was on a mission to run 30+ km!).

Today, I will be running by it again, this time a short run so I will take pictures, which you will see later on, tonight @ Happy Feet in the Netherlands (HFNL).

Do you like watching sunsets by the lake?  I would love to watch a sunrise by this lake with my family this year. Wish me luck?! :)

do 2 apr. 14:14


  1. Sunsets by lakes are the best, especially for photographers! I hope you do accomplish getting the family to go to the lake and watch the sunset with you!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Diana!

      We did watch the sunset in 2011 from this lake, and we are working on the sunrise - maybe in the Summer! It's still pretty cool in the mornings of Spring; I keep forgetting. :) But on the other hand maybe the family won't mind if we bring warm flask of chocolate as a treat.

  2. I love your pictures! So pretty! :)

  3. I have spent a lot of time in the Netherlands but never had to chance to see places like this. Now I have a feel for what I missed.

    1. Hi Bob! Thanks for dropping by. :)

      I am curious which places, you've visited in the NL.

  4. Great photos but you have lagged a bit we are on F now

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Bill!

      Yes, you're right. I have not published my C-E blogs, yet.

      I will do so tonight. F is up! :)